Kashmir Solidarity Day

Kashmir is a valley which is half divided in Pakistan and half in India .When the British were leaving the subcontinent they divided it in half .Half part of Kashmir is in Pakistan and half is in India and the middle part has the conflict. They built a border line between India and Pakistan but they left the northern part without border. Now there’s dispute between Pakistan and India on who gets the part in the middle. Kashmir Solidarity Day is celebrated on 5th February to show support to people of Kashmir who face trouble to live with freedom due to the Indian Army occupation. It is celebrated to pay homage to martyrs of Kashmiris who died while fighting with the Indians for freedom of Kashmir.
There have been a lot of wars fought for Kashmir but they were not successful nor India is accepting it that Pakistan should get Kashmir. Indian Army is constantly threating the Muslims of Kashmir. Now a days the Indian Army has put curfew on people of Kashmir. They are killing innocent people just because they are asking for freedom from the Indian Army. The Indians are not even letting them to talk to anyone or get out of houses. If anyone gets out he or she is killed. Children are not going to School ,people are not going to offices and now they don’t have enough money to even buy food as they are jobless . Mobile,Internet ,Television and other facilities are closed by Indian army so that outer world doesn’t know about the torture they are doing to the Muslims of India. Now India is allowing their people to come to to Kashmir and live there and they are building factories and infrastructure so that Indians can live there. Indians are killing sons of Kashmiri people and they cannot do anything of it.

They totally need our support so that they can take revenge of their children. The Indians are doing all this so that people living in Kashmir should leave Kashmir and then they could capture it but the brave Kashmiri people are not leaving their home town and are living in such harsh conditions and even loosing their loved ones but still are showing their bravery. We should really stand with our Kashmiri brave people. The Indians are abusing the Muslims and mistreating them. They don’t keep the human rights with the Muslims. Luckily,our new prime minister Mr Imran Khan has raised the Kashmir problem in the UN to also let them know what’s happening in Kashmir. It’s a very good act so that UN can stop India from doing all this. He raised this problem so that the torture that is being done with Kashmiri people can be stopped. He told them this so that the war could not start which can lead to huge loss and would be a worse situation in the two countries. It would be a very bad situation so to stop it UN (United Nations) is created. We as Muslims and Pakistanis should raise it as a social issue in the world so India can stop the threat. We should all stand up and free Kashmir from these people who don’t even care about women and kids. We should get united for the problem of Kashmir only then it can be solved.


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