Virtual School

Due to Covid-19, we have been locked down in our home and we can’t go to school. So, our school has started these online classes which are quite good. I love these classes because we don’t have to be a master tech-wiz for these classes as they are just like a group call in WhatsApp. This method of learning is better than learning in a class because studying online gives you more flexibility. You can work and fit your work schedule (and your hobbies) around your coursework more easily. Another advantage is that by studying online, you choose your own learning environment that works best for your needs: be it your bedroom, your study, the café across the street or any other place that you like.
I really appreciate the efforts of Sir Walid for taking this initiative in this critical situation and provided the opportunity of virtual learning platform opportunity to us and connecting school to home.
I also appreciate the head office team, our campus’s principal and all the teachers for their efforts.

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