shallows waters of the ocean

i went to the terrace to breathe in the elixir of life the fresh crisp air, faintly perfumed with distinct memories of laughs, night outs and all that fun. The leaves slowly rustled giving way to the breeze. The petals of a rose fell, the thorns still in place the earthly shadows emerged from beneath withering the petal’s beautiful from. Depicting what the situation of the world is right now the strong ones are surviving and the weak befalling. I then rested my head on my shoulders and looked at the sky to find the answer to my question when will this be over? A soft song descended from the ether, you have to stay indoors it whispered in my ears and all shall be good again . I didn’t complain because I knew that this was the nature’s way of cleansing itself from the human cruelties. It all set me free and showed me that is hope. We are in this together after all we are a mere life from in cosmos, perhaps like a grain of sand among shallows waters of the ocean.

Muhammad Feroz – IBDP 1

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