February 10, 2021

    Kashmir Solidarity Day

    Kashmir is a valley which is half divided in Pakistan and half in India .When…
    May 20, 2020

    shallows waters of the ocean

    i went to the terrace to breathe in the elixir of life the fresh crisp…
    May 20, 2020

    The Muse

    It might almost come off as callous during these difficult times to speak of opportunities…

    Roots International Schools & Colleges

    Roots International Schools is part of Roots School System founded in 1988 by Mrs. Riffat Mushtaq Aizaz-e-Fazeelat which is distinct in its academic standards and all round development of the child. RIS, metropolitan schools are labeled and founded by her son Mr. Walid Mushtaq who himself is a celebrated national educational icon and decorated educational counselor, to help scale education, learning and teaching as per the aspiration of the 21st century child.

    As we reach 31 years of academic excellence – one quarter of a century, Roots International Schools today is synonymous with ‘academic excellence’, ‘student achievement’, ‘social entrepreneurship’, ‘opportunity’ and ‘discovery’ for students, parents, teachers and community. Students who study here are passionate about their subjects, qualifications and are dedicated to expanding their knowledge of the world around them. In the sphere of college education, Roots remains a place that dares to be a little different. It is our academic focus and personal attention to each and every student that makes us distinct