Zindagi app by Mr Shaher Yar Afridi

MIUC-RIS organized session on Zindagi App in collaboration with Ministry of Narcotics. Mr ‘Shaheryar Afridi –Minister of Narcotics Control addressed the teachers and staff of Roots International Schools and Metropolitan International United College.

He proclaimed that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched the ‘Zindagi’ smartphone app which features information on narcotics control and was aimed at raising awareness among parents and teachers about the dangers of drug abuse and how to tackle the issue. He said drugs are destroying the lives of the country’s youth. “There was a time when we heard there were drugs in universities. Now drugs are present in schools,” he said. “The most vulnerable section of our society – our children – are being exposed to drugs, when they don’t have the maturity to deal with the issue.”

According to a description of the app, ‘Zindagi’ features a “complete collection of drug awareness, drug prevention and treatment, rehabs locations, success stories and supportive community to help and meditate drug victims”. It is available on the Google Play store and the Apple App Store. After the session, he introduced a book launched by Ministry of Narcotics for all the youth and disseminate this illness and its disadvantages to the society. He highlighted on importance of parents and teachers and their role in upbringing of a child. He emphasized on social ethos, passion, love and inherent values of society , which straight away negates drugs and its usage.

CEO RIS Mr. Walid Mushtaq said RIS and MIUC have a zero-tolerance policy for any drug related activity. We believe that the unlawful possession or abuse of drugs and alcohol by students and employees presents multilevel risks to the individuals, the learning environment and the college community as a whole. Substance abuse obstructs the process of learning, teaching, personal development and the overall exercise of a person’s true talents and abilities. There are also serious criminal and disciplinary sanctions that can be imposed on students and employees which will disrupt their studies or careers. He advised students on the obliteration of drug related activities and urged parental community to join hands with the institutions to annihilate the evil of drugs form the society.

RIS-MIUC has adopted a comprehensive policy in compliance with federal law ‘RIS-Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention Policy’ to prevent the possession, use, and distribution of illicit drugs

and alcohol by students and employees. It details campus rules and regulations pertaining to drugs and alcohol, possible health and social effects, the legal sanctions, and contact information for services and programs that can provide further information and assistance.

Moreover, RIS provides a healthy and recreational environment to students and keeps them engaged in activities which promote physical and mental growth. All year around sports competitions are held. Roots Olympaid which comprises of extensive sports and literary activities, is a three-day event held annually at campuses all across the country. Roots youth Model United Nations is the biggest conference of the twin cities conducted to simulate the actual workings of the United Nations and related organizations. Students engage in erudite debates and competitions over course of the conference. Numerous Sessions by notable scholars, sportsmen, entrepreneurs, and prominent personalities all year around to inspire students and guide them through life.

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