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RYMUN – Diplomat Moot 2020

Roots Youth Model United Nations 2020 began its second day with committee sessions followed by the Diplomatic Moot that allowed the students to get a glimpse into the world of diplomacy.

RYMUN 2020 hosted diplomatic moot in which more than 5 diplomats from different embassies were given a forum of discussion with the youth they formulated the policy and also gave their perspective on the trending agendas under discussion. The session involved both youth and the ambassadors on the same platform and engaged them in the dialogue and discussion with regards to the agendas.

Diplomatic Moot usually known as General Assembly Session is one of the most interesting ritual of MUN, it is the main forum of discussion where different diplomats formulate policy and give their perspectives on the topics under discussions.

The theme for this year’s conference is Effective Responses to Global Crisis – Empowered Lives, Resilient Nations, Climate Change and actions for peace. The participants deliberated on a variety of issues including drone strikes, drug trafficking, literacy and development disparities; and futuristic issues like, Inequality of Education in Developing countries, Effect of Nationalization on International Security , The United Nations Security Council Reforms, Statelessness: Humanitarian Response to the Effectiveness of the Global Action Plan, Human Rights Violations in Prisons, Should the Medical Use of Narcotics be Reconsidered , Discussing the Safety of Healthcare Workers in Conflict etc were the epicenter of discussions. Mr. Walid Mushtaq with Mr. Saboor (chair and professional Lawyer) moderated the whole General Assembly Session and made it an overall interactive and spellbinding experience for all the delegates.

“I am highly impressed by the importance of MUN given in Roots and I see it as a really good practice for students to try to resolve contemporary issues,” said H.E. Mr. Noorodien Muhammad Shaheed, High Commissioner Srilanka to Pakistan.

Roots International Schools CEO Walid Mushtaq, engaged with the ambassadors and the delegates regarding the passing of the resolutions for the General Assembly Session. Mr. Walid Mushtaq, who is also the President of RYMUN 2020 appreciated the participation of students and encouraged them to hold their aims high. He expressed his gratitude to all the delegates who had participated and worked hard endlessly for this day. Mr. Walid said, “RYMUN does not just serve as an academic activity but equip the students with the techniques of problem solving and analytical abilities and the skills they will need in future to succeed as future leaders.”

CEO RIS Mr. Walid Mushtaq stressed on how these conferences have metamorphosed from socio-political think tanks into associations that nurture agents of positive social change. He discussed how such conferences help the students get a more holistic view of the problem rather than what it means for a single country

Discussions were concluded on how the renewable energy could play a key role in the global transformation of the energy system and international mechanisms and bodies operating to promote renewable energy and implementation of green economy policies. Policies were discussed for ‘easy access to affordable and modern energy resources: a prerequisite for achievement of sustainable development’. Climate change from different perspectives was also discussed. While the ambassadors covered the combating of the threat posed by climate change, the delegates conducted discussions over producing special mechanisms for a sustainable development. The RYMUN 2020 General Assembly Session basically aimed at involving both youth and the ambassadors at a single platform and engaged them in a dialogue and discussions regarding different agendas. The CEO RIS Walid Mushtaq, thanked all the Excellencies for their benefaction appearance in this compulsive and irrational event.

Roots International Schools believes in involving youth in all aspects of the planning processes and to inspire the next generation of leaders to become involved in global issues, RIS achieved their aim by the very successful General Assembly Session of the RYMUN-2020

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